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2005 Annual Report

Message from Chair - The Process - The Community Case - Volunteer Committee - Financials - Public Activity Report - References

The FORCE Volunteer Committee

Thousands of volunteer hours, each year, make it possible to oppose the quarry application. We estimate that for every "public minute" spent presenting, reporting etc. there are at least ninety minutes of preparation. The Public Activity Report that follows represents the tip of the iceberg of volunteered time. For more detail on each activity visit the Latest News Section of the website

The FORCE Steering Committee meets every two weeks throughout the year. We are grateful to our two office sponsors, Herb Lawson and Chris Ilias who provide us with office space for these meetings.

Steering Committee Members:

Chair & Spokesperson
Graham Flint
Vice Chair
Mark Rudolph
Secretary (Meetings)
Jerry Bloom
Secretary (Corporate)
Herb Lawson
Technical Coordination
Dan Curran-Blaney
Jan Whitelaw
Finance & Treasury
Silke Flint
Bonnie Lendrum
Michael Brazeau
Fundraising, Special Events &
Community Outreach
Greg Ryan
Tom Weinstein
Herb Lawson
Chris Ilias
Michael Brazeau
Shaun Donnelly
Diana McCabe
Bonnie Lendrum
James Van Hees


Together We Will Succeed!