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2007 Annual Report

Message from Chair - Water - Cool, clean and clear - for now - Environment - Wetlands and Woodlands (a.k.a. "Marshes and Forests") - Haul Route - Truck Traffic - Health - Protecting the Water We Drink and The Air We Breathe - Concluding Comments - Financials - Volunteer Committee - Public Activity Report - References

Message from the Chair

Dear Neighbour & FORCE Supporter,

For four years now we've been using science, facts, laws and regulations to demonstrate why we need to stop the proposed Flamborough quarry. Numbers and equations don't contain fears and hopes - yet that's what we hear from citizens through the website, at public meetings and at the corner store. This year we've decided to take your comments, paraphrase them and create an Annual Report that will read more like a series of small stories we all recognize.

We continue to believe that it is in everyone's interest, short-term, and long term to protect a major determinant of our community health - the safety of our water. That's why a recently popular book called The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference1 is relevant to our campaign. Tipping Points are "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable,"2and it takes many "little things" to create large change. We don't know what event will tip the balance in the community's favour with respect to the proposed Flamborough Quarry application. Nor do we know when it will shift. But we do know that every time a citizen mails a post card, or attends a community meeting, or rides in the Tour de Force, or enlists a neighbour to support FORCE it all adds up! Clearly, our community is engaged, positive and committed to not having an industrial open pit mine as a neighbour. That's why...

Together We Will Succeed!

Graham Flint,
FORCE Chairperson   


Together We Will Succeed!