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2005 Annual Report

Message from Chair - The Process - The Community Case - Volunteer Committee - Financials - Public Activity Report - References

Message from the Chair

Dear Neighbour & FORCE Supporter,

As of May 2006 we will be entering our third year of opposing the Lowndes Holdings Corp. application to develop a new greenfield quarry in Flamborough. We can feel good about our fight; it is going well.

Provincial legislation, such as the Greenbelt Act and the Ontario Clean Water Act, has helped our cause, and has simultaneously made the work of Lowndes Holdings Corp. much more challenging. We are further encouraged by the pending Ontario Municipal Board reform plans.

This year we continued to strengthen our case through a series of submissions from our retained technical experts. These documents have been forwarded to the Combined Aggregate Review Team (CART), comprised of groups with whom we have developed close working relationships: City of Hamilton, Town of Milton, City of Burlington, Region of Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth Federation of Agriculture, & Conservation Halton, among others. All of the submissions can be found in the Community Case section of the website.

The website, which is our primary means of communicating with you, has been completely overhauled and reorganized. It is now structured to support us for the long haul. We hope you are pleased with the navigational ease, and count on you to visit frequently.

Our Community activities in 2006 will be highlighted by two new major events. We are in the planning stages for a June Golf Tournament & Banquet, and in September we hope to hold a Bicycle Rally, the "Tour de FORCE". These events will extend our circle of friends and allies, provide some fun, and keep everyone focused on our critical common cause.

Our success comes from continuing to work together. Alone, none of us would be able to make the investments of time and money required to win this battle. But together, by pooling our resources, we can, and we are, winning the fight. Let's keep the momentum going.

As always, Together We Will Succeed!

Graham Flint, FORCE Chairperson


Together We Will Succeed!