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2008-2009 Annual Report

Message from Chair - The Applications - Our Case - Community Issues - Concluding Comments - Financials - Volunteer Committee - Public Activity Report - Appendix 1 & 2 - References

The FORCE Volunteer Committee

The many activities and reports that have been undertaken during the course of the year would not have been possible without the work of a coordinated team of committed volunteers who have organized events, written submissions on behalf of the community and performed research and administrative duties.

The FORCE Steering Committee meets every two weeks throughout the year. Their work addresses all aspects of the case and the proponent’s activities as well as our own Commnity engagement.

The Steering Committee Members are:

Chair & Spokesperson
- Graham Flint
- Michael Brazeau
Vice Chair
- Mark Rudolph
Finance & Treasury
- Silke Flint
Secretary (Meetings)
- Jerry Bloom
Secretary (Corporate)
- Herb Lawson
- Jan Whitelaw
- Dan Curran-Blaney
Special Events
- Mark Simone
- Gwen Todd
- Tom Weinstein
Community Outreach
- Carm Augustyn
- Glen Lawson
- Dick Wildeman
- Bonnie Lendrum
- Diana McCabe
- Michele Ryan
- Gary Tansley


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