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Community Case - Community Issues

Many community residents, farmers and other businesses are opposed to the St Marys Cement Group CBM (formerly Lowndes Holdings Corp) application for a massive aggregate development within our midst. We have significant and substantive concerns about its proposal and location. We know our drinking water is at risk. We know that our fragile environment and natural features would be impacted. We know that there are no viable haul routes. We know that the proposed use is incompatible with existing land uses - nearby residences on the Concessions and subdivisions, nearby communities in Carlisle, Kilbride and Campbellville, active farming areas, elementary schools and community facilities. We know that there would be health issues and we know that there would be safety issues for those walking, jogging, cycling, horseback riding and driving. We know that excessive noise and dust would be inevitable. And we know that the economic value of the existing municipal tax base - through property taxes, jobs and economic spin-off - surpass the small additional value that the proposed quarry represents.

In the spirit of balancing the Planning Report and companion technical reports provided by Lowndes Holdings Corp. (now St Marys Cement Group CBM), the Community has undertaken, through a series of submissions, to document our concerns both quantitatively and qualitatively. The Community Issues Review Report (341 KB) is an overview of the balance of issues, concerns, gaps/omissions and inconsistencies that were identified as the FORCE Technical Volunteers Committee examined the Lowndes Holdings Corp. application. The report covers the topics of haul routes and truck traffic, agriculture, incompatible land use, real estate values and municipal tax base implications, aggregate supply and demand, noise and vibration, pedestrian and vehicular safety, and dust (air particulate) and emissions. This report complements the commissioned reports regarding hydrogeology and natural environment. The application review and the issues that have emerged from it have re-enforced our position.

Thank you to the following volunteers for their efforts on behalf of our community: Corrie Almack, Dan Curran-Blaney, Dr. Cliff Dominy, Gintas Kamaitis (BSc., P.Eng.), Jeff Leader, Greg Pieczonka, Dr. David Rosenbloom, Don Taylor, Len Vanderstar (BSc.F), and Dr. Ellen Wall.

Community Issues Reports:

Community Report November 2005
ARA Community Issues Report May 2009


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