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Community Comments

Sample of comments from local residents submitted to the website

"I am 14 years old and I am in high school. I want help my community... I think this would be great for me because I want to help save our little town Carlisle".

"Having only just moved into the area we are distressed to learn of the plans. Our prime reason for purchasing our property was to maintain and protect it as an important part of the watershed. We are already working with local conservation agencies to ensure the property continues to play its part in the bigger picture. To have such an environmentally destructive plan before us is quite simply unbelievable.

All the research we did prior to moving into the area suggested that conservation, preservation, and restoration, of the environment, watershed, and escarpement, were the key regional objectives. I entirely fail to see how the Lowndes proprosal fits in the regional plan. I would be glad to register my protest and support you in any way I can and will be sending you a cheque for $500."

"I am very impressed with FORCE's work in fighting this quarry proposal.I moved into this community 15 years ago and I really enjoy my life here.I'm retired now and love to spend my time in the garden,walking and cycling the the local roads and generally enjoying the peaceful surroundings and friendly people. All of this is being threatened...our safety on the roads,our water supply,our natural heritage,our peaceful quality of life,our hard earned investment in our home.

I want to invest some time and energy to fight this quarry proposal. I am very skeptical of the self-serving quarrymaker and his mitigating solutions to all/any problems. I want to make a positive contribution."

"I believe that you represent the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this area. A sleeping giant is on the verge of awakening - every added voice brings that day closer. I know you are passionate about this cause and probably don't need motivation to continue, but wanted to add my voice to the cheering section.

While this cause is of extreme importance, it is but one battle in an elongated conflict to preserve our rural heritage and the quality of life in our community. The time has come that we send a clear message to the proponents of growth for growths sake and all their residual and accessorial accomplices (e.g. the Quarry) that they are in for the fight of their lives.

In the mean time, my letter writing campaign on the theme of "Growth" will continue in earnest. I have submitted a request for a lawn sign - or two and will be sending a contribution your way. I will try to do this on an ongoing basis as things heat up.

Please keep going - and again, sincere thanks for your efforts."

"Three years ago we moved from central Toronto to this area (we live four kilometers from the proposed quarry) after performing an extensive search over a wide geographical area for a suitable area to live in. We visited many communities, but time after time we found ourselves coming back to the communities around Campbellville, Kilbride and Carlisle. The main drawing cards were the tranquility, nature conservation, hiking trails and the fact that we could live in a forest next to a nature conservation area.

Since we came to live here, we also became aware that there are ecologically sensitive systems, including provincially significant wetlands right on our doorstep. We have the satisfaction of seeing wild animals and every spring we have the joy of seeing endangered plant species thriving on our property. We have found a warm and welcoming community here and we met so many people who share the same principles and care for the environment. We are delighted to see streams of visitors coming from far away during summer weekends to see and explore the natural wonders of our area and to participate in the events in our community.

We and the generations to come have much to lose if the quarry operation proposed by Lowndes Holdings is allowed to continue. Sensitive environmental systems will be adversely impacted and the liveability of the surrounding areas will be greatly reduced. Hard working families would loose decades of investments into properties that have been a source of pride and joy.

It is needless to say this, but we are strongly opposed to the Lowndes application."

"Having grown up accross the road from a quarry, I know first hand what life will be like if Lowndes Holding Corp. is allowed to go ahead with this proposed quarry. The noise, the dust, the heavy and dangerous traffic which our roads can't even handle. Just try to pull out of your driveway in the morning without having the nose of your car demolished or try to turn into your driveway at night with a gravel truck so close on your tail, that you know they can't possibly see your turn signals, so if you value your life, you decide to bypass your driveway, turn around somewhere safe and try it again from the other direction. I have had to do this on numerous occasions.

I was told, that I would get used to hearing these huge trucks banging around (especially, when they are empty) driving over bad roads. And we know only too well how bad the roads in our area are. Well, after 12 years of living there, I never did get used to the noise and the dust was positively choking on some days.

My husband and I bought this property a number of years ago and have lived in the house we built ourselves and dreamed of for many years. Our property has been designated as being "environmentally sensitive" and we are severely limited as to what we are allowed to do here, even though we own the land. So how does someone like Mr. Lowndes get away with coming into our neighbourhood, only one concession away from us, and he is allowed to start a quarry. Is this the old adage of "money talks" again? We are not even allowed to clear our ditch of the silt that washes in and yet Lowndes is allowed to quarry 380 acres? How is this possible?

It will be bad enough to put up with all the heavy traffic, our roads being even more torn apart, the noise and the dust, but if this affects our water table, and the odds are pretty good that it will, what will happen to all of us living here? I am not content with Mr. Lowndes assurances that our water will no