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Past Events

What else can we say! Thank you!

Darcie Pytel and Gwen Todd, you both should be so proud! The event you dreamed about became a overwhelmingly successful reality on Sunday! What an achievement! And to hear the level of interest from the participants about coming back once again next year. What bigger endorsement can you receive!

Thank you for your envisioning and creative talents in designing the event, the hours you put into planning, marketing, and executing and thanks to your families and significant others as well.

Everything was terrific! The pre-event processes, the branding and advertising, the venue, the ride routes, the support services, the food, the raffles, all of it. It was an excellent day from start to finish!

Thanks also to all your volunteers! Both those on the Committee and those outside of it.

Thanks to:
Tom for the hours you spent working with Gwen and Darcie and acting as the liaison between us,
James for your efforts to work as a consultant and your expertise as always on giving the event an outstanding graphical brand,
Bonnie for your work on event media materials,
Diana for your work on the website and paypal interface,
and to all the volunteers who helped the day of the event with traffic, logistics, registration, waivers, meals, FORCE information, etc.

Thanks to all your sponsors who made the day possible with their generous contributions!

And Thanks to the wonderful people who I have somehow missed, without who's efforts the day would not have gone off so well.

And finally we all need to say thanks to the participants who came out both for a wonderful ride in a beautiful area and paid $25 for the experience. They didn't need to do that as many of them ride those same roads every weekend, but last Sunday they made the investment and effort to show that they agree with us; that this a truly singular area that is worth protecting.

Thanks to them!

(on behalf of the many FORCE Communities)

Our tireless organizers - Darcie Pytel & Gwenn Todd
Some of the many Volunteers
Registration begins
Thanks to Neworld Cycle and all the sponsors
The cheering gallery
Cyclists of all ages
Over 200 cyclists prepare to begin
And they're off!
Cyclists relax after enjoying their ride
They have "Claimed Their Right to Ride"!


Together We Will Succeed!