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Important Information:

With the growth of the Internet, there has been a conspicuous rise in unsolicited commercial email (spam) filling people's inboxes with unwanted email messages. In order to combat this rising problem, many Internet Service Providers and corporations have implemented a variety of filters and blocking software to stop the unwanted emails from cluttering users' inboxes. But, many of these filtering efforts incorrectly classify legitimate and valuable emails, such as the FORCE newsletters, as unsolicited or bulk mail, and therefore filter them out before allowing them to arrive in your inbox.

If you are having trouble receiving any of our newsletters or important correspondence, chances are that your ISP, corporate email server, or personal anti-spam software is inadvertently filtering out our emails as spam. In order to help keep this from happening, please take the following steps.

Add Us To Your Email Address Book.

As a FORCE newsletter subscriber, you may need to add FORCE to your address book to continue to receive our email newsletters.

If Possible, Add stopthequarry.ca to Your Email "White List".

Some email service providers and corporate email servers allow you to add the stopthequarry.ca domain name to your list of accepted senders. This is referred to as "white listing", which causes your mail server to always deliver emails originating from the stopthequarry.ca servers. Check with your ISP or corporate help desk to see about "white listing" the stopthequarry.ca domain.

If your email server supports "white listing", add stopthequarry.ca to your "white list".

Personal Spam-Filtering Software:

If you use personal spam-filtering software that runs locally on your computer (e.g. EmailProtect, CloudMark, spamNet, Qurb, etc.), you can add stopthequarry to your local "white list" so that our newsletters will not be deleted/blocked by your spam filter. Depending on your software, you may either add the stopthequarry.ca domain to your "white list" or the specific email info@stopthequarry.ca from which the newsletters will be sent.

Having Trouble Reading Our Emails?

If you are not seeing any of the images in our newsletters, you probably need to add our email address to your address book to allow the images to load. See You may simply need to click the appropriate button/link to show images.

If the content of our email newsletters is unreadable or contains many strange characters, your email software probably does not support HTML emails. In this case, you should update your email preferences to receive the plain-text version of our newsletter instead of the HTML version.


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