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May 2006 Meeting

Halton Public Meeting

Lowndes Holdings Corp Quarry Application

May 3rd, 2006 Milton District High School


One hundred and fifty disgruntled citizens from Halton and Flamborough filled the cafeteria of the Milton District High School on Wednesday May 3rd, 2006 to attend a meeting called by Helma Geerts, Senior Planner, Planning & Transportation Services, Halton Region. The topic for discussion was the proposal by Lowndes Holdings Corp. to construct a quarry on the 11th concession of Flamborough directly across from the Halton / Hamilton border.

The meeting contained presentations from:

Delegations were heard from fifteen citizens who articulated concerns that included:

Mr. David Lowndes, the proponent, sat in the audience for the meeting and did not speak even when questions were directed to him. Mr. Long answered questions on his behalf. Despite having promised 3 weeks earlier to provide the City of Hamilton with details on the water mitigation strategy that is present in the application, Mr. Long was still not ready to provide a full comment on groundwater re-circulation. Nor was he prepared to answer any question about the financial status of Lowndes Holdings.

Meeting Agenda:

Region of Halton - Lowndes Flamborough Quarry Public Meeting Agenda (49 KB)

Lowndes Holdings Corp. Presentation Slides:

Information Meeting Summary - Robert J. Long, Senior Environmental Engineer & Planner (586 KB)
(note: this link will take you to Lowndes Holdings Corp. presentation from the Hamilton meeting on April 6th. The Halton meeting was held to specifically address issues that would potentially impact Halton residents such as haul routes and local water quality. Lowndes Holdings Corp. chose to make the same presentation used at the Hamilton Public Information Meeting.)

FORCE Presentation Slides:

Adobe Acrobat Format (379 KB)
Power Point Slides (1.72 MB)

Delgation Presentations:

A session for pre-registered delegates followed the formal presentations made by the Region of Halton, the City of Hamilton and the proponents agent. Each individual delegate was given up to 5 minutes to deliver some prepared remarks.

Thank you to our neighbours for making the effort and taking the time to step up and speak up! They have helped to continue to advance our case.


  1. FORCE - Graham Flint (10 minutes presentation)
  2. Margaret McCarthy, Councillor, Flamborough
  3. Kevin Friesen, Milton
  4. Mark Simone, Hamilton
  5. Jim Harding
  6. Tom Weinstein
  7. Bonnie Lendrum
  8. Esau Lewin
  9. Kevin Brackley, Campbellville
  10. James Van Hees, Burlington
  11. Bob Beyette, Campbellville
  12. Tom Reid, Waterdown
  13. Keith Hincks, Milton
  14. Halton Federation of Agriculture
  15. Joseph Bloom

Press Articles:

Flamborough Review - Hamilton, Halton politicians urged to nix quarry bid (177 KB)- May 12, 2006
Halton Compass - Quarry opponents out in FORCE - May 11, 2006
Canadian Champion - Citizens urge officials to turn down quarry (172 KB)- May 9, 2006


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