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Friday, November 14, 2008 - Flamborough Review
Horwath eyes quarry

Residents opposed to St. Marys Cement's Flamborough quarry made their way to Queen's Park last week to support Hamilton Centre MPP Andrea Horwath as she challenged the Grits to protect the province's greenbelt.

During a question and answer period, the NDP representative told Environment Minister John Gerretsen that the possible development of an open pit mine on the 11th Concession East at Milburough Line would not only threaten the drinking water of thousands of Carlisle residents, but that the application is also in contradiction of provincially protected land as part of the Natural Heritage system of the Greenbelt.

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Friday, November 14, 2008 - Flamborough Review - Opinion Letter
Pump tests shouldn't proceed

Don't worry, everything is fine.

We are getting sick and tired of John Moroz, VP of Aggregates at St. Marys telling us that. Thank God the communities surrounding this potential mine have provided the talent and financial resources to hire our own experts. Otherwise, Phase Two Testing would likely be underway.

The sad news is that this should not even be happening at all.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008 - Halton Compass
MPP slams Liberals over quarry

Andrea Horwath, the MPP from Hamilton Centre, has picked up the ball for opponents of the St marys quarry application on the Flamborough-Campbellville border.

During the November 6 Question Period at Queen's Park, Horwath reapeatedly challenged Environment Minister John Gerretsen to put an end of the application.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Community members travels to Queen's Park

On November 6, 2008, about 45 members of our communities travelled by bus (services donated by Jennifer Trott - thanks!) to Queen's Park, Toronto. The purpose of our trip was to raise the profile of our issue in the Legislature and to continue to show that the St Marys proposed Flamborough quarry is of concern, not only to our communities, but also to Hamilton, Milton (Halton), the Greenbelt, and the province. And, we did! View the photos.

As a Cabinet Minister, our local MPP, Hon. Ted McMeekin, does not get to ask questions in the Legislature - questions are asked by opposition members and government backbench members. So, this fall, FORCE approached an opposition member from the Hamilton area, with the help of our local champion, Councillor Margaret McCarthy. Hamilton Centre MPP, Andrea Horwath, is an effective member, solid on environmental protection and someone who fully understands the Carlisle water situation from her days on City Council.

Ms. Horwath agreed to be our voice on November 6th and she was - strong, articulate, and committed to protection of the environment and our drinking water. Ms. Horwath started the day by sponsoring a press conference for Graham Flint, Chair and Spokesperson for FORCE, and Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, in the Queen's Park Media Studio. Councillor McCarthy and Councillor Jan Mowbray (Milton), stalwarts on our issue, were on hand to demonstrate the level of municipal concern and engagement.

Following the press conference, Ms. Horwath stood up in the Legislature during Question Period and asked a member's question and supplementary to the Hon. John Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment. While the Minister wanted to talk about the pumping test, she echoed the recommendations of the Environment Commissioner of Ontario and called on the McGuinty government to look at the ‘big picture’ and to screen out this kind of development that conflicts with the protection promised by its Greenbelt and Clean Water laws.Read the transcript (12 KB).

Our communities' efforts to keep this issue top-of-mind for provincial decision-makers also supports the work of our local MPP, Hon. Ted McMeekin, who opposes the proposed quarry, and who continues to work at Queen's Park to educate and convince his colleagues about the significant problems and implications of the proposed quarry .

Friday, November 7, 2008 - Hamilton Spectator
Quarry foes take battle to Queen's Park

Hamilton Centre MPP Andrea Horwath brought the debate about a proposed quarry to Queen's Park yesterday – and she brought backup.

About 40 Hamilton, Burlington, and Milton residents atten