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We Will Make Sense not Nonsense!

When you choose to live in a rural area nestled in a beautiful and pristine environment you expect that you and your neighbours will preserve and protect it. The problem is that Lowndes Holdings Corp. would like to become your new neighbour and they plan to change everything that we all hold dear. The Proponent has claimed that there is a critical shortage of aggregate, that the land is poor and has been designated for mineral aggregate extraction. They also claim that the fact that it lies outside the Niagara Escarpment Plan makes it the perfect place for the 8th largest quarry in Canada. Lowndes Holdings Corp. would have you believe that the proposed quarry would be beneficial to our economy and would actually improve the areas natural features. That's Nonsense!

What makes sense is:

      Safe and abundant drinking water
      Environmentally sensitive lands protected
      Natural environment, not moonscapes
      Sounds of nature, not trucks and blasting
      Enjoyment of a rural way of life
The Proponent claims:

      No impact on water quality and quantity, with mitigation
      Only designated truck routes will be used
      Natural environment will be enhanced with rehabilitation
      Sensitive wetlands will actually benefit
      Economic benefit to the community
      Noise and dust will have little impact
      Submitted reports are accurate and complete
      Established open communication with the Community

Come to the FORCE 3rd Annual General Meeting and decide what makes sense and what doesn't. Hear Graham Flint, FORCE Chair, take the spin out of the proponent's case and talk about what we've learned from the recent Public Information Meetings, what lies ahead and what we can do about it.

Environment Defence Canada sees the Lowndes Holdings Corp. proposal as a threat to both groundwater and to Ontario's new Greenbelt. Rick Smith, Executive Director of EDC, will speak about why they see our cause as worthy of support. Learn how your tax deductible commitments can make a difference.

It's not over until it's over! Although we can say we are doing well in the battle, we can not say we've won until Lowndes Holdings Corp. receives their final denial.

When:   Wednesday May 17th, 2006 - 7:00 p.m.
Where: Lawson Park Resort Recreation Hall
322 11th Concession East
(just east of Centre Road)


Together We Will Succeed!