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Final Reminder
Objection Response Letters Due

Please ensure that your objections remain in place

Representatives from St Marys Cement have indicated that the final wave of Registered Notice of Objector Response Letters was sent during the week of January 25th. These letters triggered 20 Day response period that has an end date of Monday March 1st.

For those that have received a registered letter with a March 1st due date, template letters are available on the Community website (www.stopthequarry.ca). Drop-off boxes are available for you to deposit your letters and have them be delivered for you, but in order to meet the deadline letters need to be dropped-off at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School or Balaclava Public School by 3:00 p.m. this Friday February 26th. A Drop-off box will also be available at the Carilise Farm Market until Saturday February 27th. Remember two copies of the letters are required for each person objecting, one for St Marys Cement and one for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Drop-off Boxes to collect letters for delivery are located at the following locations:

Carlisle Farm Market Video Store
(upstairs with the Dry Cleaners & Water Depot)
Until Saturday February 27th

Centre Road & Carlisle Road, Carlisle

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School & Balaclava Public School
Until 3:00 p.m., Friday February 26th

Centre Road & 10th Concession, Carlisle

To make things easier, and to save everyone the cost of sending registered letters, we will continue to collect the completed objection reconfirmation letters and arrange for registered delivery to both St Marys Cement and MNR. If you are dropping off completed letters, please ensure that you provided two copies of the letters both signed and dated, and both with your complete mailing address including building #, street name, city, province, and postal code. And remember, each person who sent in an original objection letters needs to reconfirm their objections or their objections may be considered withdrawn.

As explained in previous communications, this 20 Day Notice of Objector response process normally occurs near the end of the two year application timeline, and only after applicants have made meaningful efforts to resolve objections. In our situation, St Marys Cement is forcing us to go through this process now, without any changes to their original proposal, and since they have given us no reason to withdraw our objections, why would we? Let's show St Marys Cement that we have no intention of doing so. Our objections are substantive and appropriate. Let's do whatever we need to do to make sure that our objections remain in force.


Together We Will Succeed!