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Community Alert!

August 2006 - St Marys Cement Group is making house calls in our Community.

John Moroz, Vice President and General Manager, St Marys CBM Aggregates, visited several residents over the past couple of weeks. Their expressed intent was to determine residents' concerns with the proposed quarry.

The house-to-house visits are a public relations effort that fit into a larger strategy to "greenwash" the effects of the proposed Flamborough Quarry. The St Marys literature is friendly and appealing. It describes the company favorably making general promises about being a good "neighbour".

Please do not be disarmed by the personal contact and the comforting words. Regardless of which company's name is on the gate - the site is the wrong site; the facts are the facts; and the issues remain the same.

If you did not speak with Mr. Moroz personally, he may have left a flyer and a business card in your mailbox. If you haven't yet had a visit, you might receive one soon, either from Mr. Moroz or another company representative. The business card that residents have received invites contact and specifically states: "We want to hear from you... If you have any questions about St Marys Cement Group or about the proposed quarry project, please get in touch with us."

This invitation is an open opportunity to pose questions to the company. Questions you might raise are:

Their contact information is as follows:

E-mail: communityinfo@stmaryscbm.com

Website: www.stmaryscement.com

Telephone: 1-866-602-0080.

We suggest that you call in with your questions. You will likely be asked for your contact information, including your e-mail address. But before you provide that information please consider that doing so will only make their public relations work easier to conduct.


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