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Stop The Quarry - Newsletter July 2004

Dear Neighbour:

We are writing to thank you for your help in making the meeting at Lawson Park on July 14 such a successful part of our community's opposition to the proposed quarry on the Eleventh Concession. The "standing room only" crowd of about 250 demonstrated the level of concern in our neighborhood over this proposal, as did the careful attention paid to the presentations and the many thoughtful questions and comments that came from the floor. Even more telling was the willingness of many of us to support our cause with hard earned dollars--over $20,000 was contributed at the meeting alone. These contributions, together with earlier fund raising by the F.O.R.C.E. steering committee, have put our "war chest" at about half of the $100,000 anticipated cost of the first year of our struggle. This is enough to pay the retainer to our lawyer and to begin the first of the technical studies essential to making our case.

As a community, we should congratulate ourselves on the speed, skill and efficiency with which we have begun our opposition to the Lowndes Holdings Corp. quarry proposal. This is unprecedented in community initiatives, and significantly increases our chances of winning what is a truly winnable fight. However we must not allow ourselves to become complacent! This is still a David vs. Goliath struggle. The scope of the quarry proposed for our neighborhood is immense-it would be one of the largest in Ontario if approved. The threat to our drinking water supply, our natural environment, and the quality of life in our neighborhood is very real. Picture the gravel truck traffic leaving the proposed quarry to travel the roads past our homes--it is comparable to the number and frequency of cars leaving a busy local coffee drive through (based on the estimates provided by David Lowndes himself!) We can as yet only imagine the financial resources that the quarry proponent can draw on, but we can be sure that they are much greater than our own. His potential for profit is huge, and we can guess that he is highly motivated to succeed.

We can win, but only if we keep up the level of concern, participation and financial support that we have generated at the beginning of what may be a long fight. We WILL win, as long as WE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Thanks for your part in the ongoing effort!


Together We Will Succeed!