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Stop The Quarry - Newsletter

June 2004

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Welcome to the first official Stop the Quarry newsletter of Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE). FORCE is your citizen-based advocacy group - established to protect our rural communities and the environment and to stop the limestone quarry proposed by Lowndes Holdings Corp. (now St Marys Cement Group CBM) for the 11th Concession East and Milburough Line.

FORCE has been active on your behalf since the news of a pending application was released:

To stop the quarry, we all need to work together as a Team. We need:

We encourage you to visit our website regularly at www.stopthequarry.ca at home, at work, at a public library, or through a neighbour to be updated with the latest news. There you can learn more about the communities and environment we are working to protect, aggregate operations and what we are doing to stop this specific proposal. Please be sure to look at the basic land use and water flow map to understand the potential impacts of this proposed quarry. Find your home, your business, where your children go to school and play, and where you bicycle, hike or otherwise find recreation. Imagine the potential impacts on your drinking water quality and quantity and on the natural features and environmentally sensitive areas like the forests and wetlands, wildlife and their habitats. Also check out the potential truck traffic routes for the estimated 1,000 daily truck-trips.

We are a FORCE to be reckoned with - together, as a Team, we will succeed!


Together We Will Succeed!