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Ward 15 Councillor Margaret McCarthy Update Meeting
on the proposed St Marys Cement Flamborough Quarry

Reminder #2


We invite everyone who does not want the 8th largest quarry in Canada located in our Community to attend the Public Meeting on September 19th at Balaclava Public School.

The issues of haul routes and water loom large amongst the many concerns we have with the St Marys Cement application. And they should. The implications for us as individuals and as a Community are too great.

Two of the three proposed haul routes displayed at the St Marys Open House directed truck traffic through the middle of two of our Communities: Carlisle and Campbellville.

Were the quarry application successful and ground water negatively affected, as several hydrogeologists predict, then rural homes and businesses could be at risk for re-sale.

St Marys Cement is not acting like a good neighbour. They have declined to participate in a public meeting where their work can be challenged, yet have tried to influence us one by one at our front doors or on the phone. We are not impressed. Their application threatens our water supply and exposes it to potential contaminants, and it threatens our safety as we travel about our Community. There is nothing neighbourly about that.

Our Ward 15 Councillor Margaret McCarthy is hosting the Public Meeting. She has extended an invitation to St Marys Cement and FORCE to participate. St Marys Cement declined the opportunity for an open dialogue. We will be there. Please make sure you are too.

Tuesday September 19th 7:00 pm
Balaclava Public School
280 10th Concession East at Centre Road, Flamborough


Together We Will Succeed!