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January 2008 is the start of the new calendar year and the beginning of our Community’s renewed campaign to stop the proposed St Marys Flamborough quarry. THANK YOU for the continued support and engagement.

Decisions about the application for a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) for a pilot test on the theoretical and unproven groundwater recirculation pumping system must be made by the Ontario Government. We must hold the McGuinty government accountable for its commitments under the Clean Water Act to protect our drinking water at its source now.

We closed 2007 with great momentum and we will not let the Provincial Government forget the Ontario Environment Commissioner’s 2006-2007Annual Report which directly questioned this development proposal or the rare public health notification from the Hamilton Medical Officer of Health’s office regarding the pilot PTTW.

In partnership with Environmental Defence, we will step up the public advocacy component of our Community’s campaign with a range of activities beginning this month. A strong focus will be to both raise awareness of our Community’s substantive concerns with provincial officials and to increase pressure on the Ontario government. We will kick start our renewed campaign with some targeted, direct paid advertising during the week of January 7th. And, we will call on the Community to take some specific actions to assist in this strategic campaign. We are moving back into "Call to Action" stage and we ask that we all be at the ready.

We will also continue to stay engaged in the municipal process, including the Haul Route Study and the Public Information Centre (PIC) #3 being held this Wednesday January 9th. We will do all of this side by side with our local champion, Councillor Margaret McCarthy, and her colleagues in our neighbour municipalities which are also affected.

A New Year – a renewed campaign! Back to school, back to work, back to our Community’s business – to Stop the Quarry!

Together we will succeed!



Together We Will Succeed!