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Did you know that St Marys Cement is attempting to have the Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) that stopped the proposed Flamborough Quarry cancelled?

Did you know that the company has requested a hearing before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) regarding the MZO?

Did you know that St Marys Cement has applied for yet another Permit To Take Water (PTTW)? Did you know that the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has said No?

Did you know that the company has now appealed the permit refusal to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT)?

Because it affects you and your family!
Learn what you can do to help our communities bring an end to this.

(We remind everyone reading this information to think of those in our community who may not be connected to the internet and ask that you take steps to ensure that they have access to this information. Perhaps you could drop it by their home, or perhaps you could print several copies and take it with you to services or the arena \ playing field this weekend. We will succeed by working together; let's do everything we can to make sure that everyone can stay involved. Thanks.)


Together We Will Succeed!



Together We Will Succeed!