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Show that Our Communities' Opposition to the St Marys Proposed Flamborough Quarry Remains Strong!

St Marys CBM has filed another application to amend the Township of Flamborough Official Plan and Zoning By-law to try to get approval for its proposed Flamborough quarry. The application is for lands at 1869 Milburough Line. St Marys wants to use the 10.6 acre property on Milburough Line to provide the entrance and exit access driveway for the more than 1000 truck trips per day for the proposed quarry. It also wants to use this property for other things related to an extractive industrial operation, such as a site for part of its unproven and theoretical groundwater pumping recirculation system trench (GRS) to mitigate the unacceptable impacts of the proposed quarry and for noise barriers.

As community residents, we may have received a Notice in the mail from the City of Hamilton about an application for land use changes and/or we may have received Councillor McCarthy's recent pro-active e-mails alerting us to this development. Filing of this new application is consistent with the position taken by FORCE, on behalf of our communities, that a separate application was required for the Milburough Line property. The Milburough Line property and the proposed uses for it were not included as part of the proponent's original 2004 application.

While it has come in as a separate application, the City of Hamilton plans to review this application with the overall quarry development proposal. The first step that staff will take is to prepare a staff report for Council.

It is important to show our opposition and to put our very real and legitimate concerns on the public record at each step of this process. City staff have asked for our input. Putting our concerns on the record also preserves our individual and collective right to appeal decisions to the Ontario Municipal Board, if needed.

All we need to do is to write a short e-mail or letter. The e-mail/letter should list or describe each family's personal concerns about the proposed quarry. Maybe it's the potential threat to our drinking water - whether we draw water from the groundwater based municipal system in Carlisle or from the hundreds of private wells. Maybe it's the traffic, potential safety, and health issues from all those trucks and their pollution on the roads we use to drive to work, school and extra-curricular activities. Or the permanent removal of agricultural land and potential impact on our local farms when we should be encouraging growing and buying local. Or the potential impact on our nearby schools. Or the potential risk to our fragile environment, including Provincially Significant Wetlands, significant woodlands, and species at risk, located in the Greenbelt. Etc. etc. Whatever our concerns are, Hamilton staff and Council need to hear them.

Make sure you quote File No: OPA-08-014 and ZAC-08-067 in your e-mail/letter.

Please take the time to make your voice heard!

E-mail, write or fax to:
Chris Bell
Planning and Economic Development Department
Planning Division - Legislative Approvals
City of Hamilton
77 James Street North, Suite 400
Hamilton, ONTARIO
L8R 2K3
Fax: 905-546-4202
E-mail: chris.bell@hamilton.ca

If you e-mail, please copy info@stopthequarry.ca.

Thank you for making the time during this busy season and best wishes for healthy, happy and safe holidays!


Together We Will Succeed!