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Community Alert:

St Marys Haul Route Evaluation
Public Information Centre - Template Letter

St Marys Cement (CBM) will be holding the first of four public consultation events on the proposed quarry application "Haul Route Evaluation Study" on Thursday June 21st from 5 to 8 pm at The Auditorium of the Royal Botanical Gardens 680 Plains Road West, Burlington. As required by the City of Hamilton's "Terms of Reference Mountsberg Quarry Haul Route Evaluation" the first consultation is to introduce the project, to identify how the public would like to be involved and to identify public concerns and issues.

Due to St Marys Cement (CBM)'s failure to provide proper notice of the Public Information Center, FORCE has prepared a template letter, which you can use to inform St Marys how the public and residents would like to be involved the study. Feel free to use this template as is or as a starting point to fashion your own letter. We ask that you cc info@stopthequarry.ca so we can monitor St Marys Cements (CBM)'s response to specific public requests and concerns.

Email: communityinfo@stmaryscbm.com and please copy FORCE at info@StopTheQuarry.ca
(Depending on your email program, clicking on the email link above may fill in portions of the email automatically.)

The template letters will open in a new window:

Template letter in Word format.

Template letter in Text format.

Template letter in PDF format.

Please print this email and share it with your neighbours
who may not have internet access.


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