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Stop the Quarry Postcard Campaign

Decisions about St Marys Cement (CBM)’s application for a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) for a pilot test on the theoretical and unproven groundwater recirculation pumping system must be made by the Ontario Government.

Since 2003 Premier McGuinty has stated his commitment to protecting Ontario’s drinking water at its source. It is time for the Premier to honour this commitment in our community.

We must hold the McGuinty government accountable for its commitments under the Clean Water Act to protect our drinking water at its source now. Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE) and Environmental Defence have launched a Postcard Campaign to Premier McGuinty on behalf of our Communities. Over the next few days residents in the Carlisle, Freelton and Campbellville will be receiving a printed version of this postcard in their mailbox. The postcard message stresses that we want the Premier to honour his stated commitment to protect our drinking water and to stop the quarry. Simply fill in your name and address and drop it in the mail.

FORCE and Environmental Defence are asking you, your family, your sports team, cycling group, church group, classmates, coworkers and neighbours to send a postcard/email to the Premier.

If you are outside of the mailing area or wish to send an electronic version go to www.StopTheQuarry.ca/Feedback/PostcardCampaign.php



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