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Community Alert!

St Marys Cement continues their PR Campaign.

St Marys Cement public relations launch has been so smooth it's been almost imperceptible. That's because it's operating just below radar. It's a campaign to soothe us as individuals, and to avoid confrontation with informed opposition. Their recent announcement of a "Community Open House" this Thursday August 17th is the latest ploy.

When FORCE asked to meet with St Marys' company representatives we were told that they weren't ready yet, that they needed time to formulate their plans, that there was no new information available to discuss.

When Councillor McCarthy contacted St Marys and requested their participation in a Public Meeting that she is holding in late September they declined. They indicated that this wasn't the kind of event that they wanted to participate in; instead they wanted to meet with people in small groups.

This approach allows St Marys to avoid the tough issues and challenging questions. As a Community we have had over two years to explore and research the facts of this situation. We have invested our time and money to have these issues professionally presented by experts. Our concerns as a Community are clearly documented on our website.

St Marys seems to want to ignore the facts. They want to get us alone, one on one, and convince us with a lot of smooth words that they intend to be a good neighbour.

Well, the Community won' t be fooled by such an approach. Aggregate extraction is not a benign rural activity, nor is it temporary. It can:

These are issues that need to be debated in the open so that all points of view may be fully aired and explored. That kind of openness and transparency would be the hallmark of a good neighbour.

FORCE will have representatives attend the Open House and we will report back to the Community with what we have heard. If you wish to attend for yourself here once again are suggested questions for St Marys:


Together We Will Succeed!