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St Marys Cement's Aggregate Licence
Application Consultation Period is underway.
As a Community we have until May 21st to respond.

The scope of this proposed massive industrial open pit mine is becoming clearer:

So far our Communities are responding in great numbers. Several hundred Objections and Comments have already been submitted. Hundreds attended the St Marys required formal Public Meeting. Our voices and our numbers are being registered.

If you haven't already done so, please take the time to submit your Objections and Comments. If you have already done so, get your friends, relatives and neighbours to add theirs.

Submitting objections and submitting comments are
two important steps our community needs to take.

These two key steps are essential in order to show our united opposition against this Aggregate Licence Application:

  1. Send in your Objections to both St Marys Cement and the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  2. Submit your Comments to the Environmental Registry by following the website instructions.

It is Critical that we Do Both! The Deadline is May 21st!

Complete instructions and template letters can be found on the website.


Together We Will Succeed!