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Stop The Quarry - Newsletter

September 2004

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Issue #3

All Supporters:

To keep everyone informed, Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE), is starting a monthly newsletter. Each newsletter will have information regarding the efforts of FORCE and the community in their fight against the quarry, proposed for Concession 11, between Milburough Line and Centre Road.

At this time:

The following excerpt has been taken from an article in The Hamilton Spectator. The full article is included with this newsletter. Note that David Lowndes has made the statement:

"If we run your well dry we will have an action plan to remedy that situation. That will entail trucking water into the well or bottled water or a combination of both. It could entail drilling somebody's well deeper."

This is not an acceptable solution. Most residents have enjoyed abundant, clean well water in this area for many years. Most would agree that having trucks come up their driveway to deliver bottled water and / or fill cisterns every few days is not an option.

Please share this FORCE Newsletter with friends and neighbours who may not have access to the internet. If you know people who would like to get on our E-mail mailing list or would simply like to get involved, please contact FORCE at info@stopthequarry.ca

Look forward to FORCE "E-mail" monthly Newsletters.

With Thanks,
Chairperson FORCE

New Aerial Photos
Aerial photos of the Lowndes Holdings Corp. property as well as the Flamborough Lafarge Quarry and the Milton Dufferin Quarry. Click here to view the photos.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004 - Hamilton Spectator Article - "Quarry plan angers Carlisle"

A landowner wants to open a gravel pit that would send hundreds of trucks rumbling down Carlisle roads daily. Nearby residents who cherish the area for its rural character say they'll fight the plan that would send 30 trucks an hour rumbling past their homes. Read the full article.


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