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FORCE Municipal Election Candidates Survey Results Available

Municipal elections are an important time for our Communities as we each consider the issues that are important to us and evaluate those willing to make the commitment to undertake public service.

The proposal for a new Greenfield Aggregate Development in Northeast Flamborough by St Marys Cement is one such important issue. This proposed development - forecasted to be the 8th largest in Canada by annual production - has the potential to significantly impact residents, businesses, and Communities in the City of Hamilton and the Region of Halton.

FORCE has conducted a survey over the past few weeks to gather information about where the candidates stand on the proposed St. Marys Flamborough Quarry. This information can serve as one input into the decision on how to vote. The results are posted on the FORCE website at http://www.stopthequarry.ca/Government/Elections/VoteSurvey/Results.php.

Candidates were asked to Agree or Disagree with the following statement:

"During my term in office, I will actively protect safe drinking water, ensure compatible land uses (including uses on our local roads), and preserve our fragile natural and rural environment by voting to oppose the proposed St. Marys (formerly Lowndes Holdings Corp.) application for a Flamborough Quarry."

They were also given the opportunity to submit an additional statement of up to 100 words.

It is important to note that FORCE is not officially endorsing any individual candidate. The purpose of the survey is to help inform each of us as voters and to encourage us as voters to take the candidates' positions on the proposed quarry into account as we decide how to vote.

We hope this information will be helpful as we all deliberate and exercise our democratic right to vote on November 13th.


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