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Water Advertorials - 2005

Summer 2005 in Carlisle began like summers for the last many years.  With the arrival of summer sun and heat, watering restrictions were soon quickly reinstated.  Families returning home after soccer and baseball games and tennis matches found water supplies so limited, it was difficult to get enough water to brush teeth, let alone take a refreshing shower or bath.

With the generous sponsorship of the Brazeau Group, FORCE placed the Carlisle Water Ad (319 KB) in the Flamborough Review on July 8, 2005.  The ad was placed as a community information tool to explain the potential implications of the proposed quarry development in an area that already experiences water shortages.  The ad included a City of Hamilton map prepared as part of its groundwater management plan for the Province of Ontario showing the water source for the Carlisle municipal wells along with a comparison of daily water consumption by Carlisle  and that for the proposed quarry.

On July 15, 2005, a Lowndes Holdings Corp. Advertorial (900 KB) ran in the Flamborough Review.  The Advertorial was also placed in the Hamilton Spectator.  The Advertorial indicated that the Carlisle municipal wells would not be affected by the quarry, even if unmitigated.  A map was also presented which showed a different and new groundwater path to the Carlisle municipal wellheads.  This information was based on an updated hydrogeological assessment by the proponent's paid consultants, Gartner Lee Limited.

FORCE Chair and Spokesperson, Graham Flint, wrote a Letter to the Editor (74 KB) of the Flamborough Review on July 18, 2005 in response to the Lowndes Holdings Corp. Advertorial.  The letter notes that "the outside developer who wants to establish a large scale industrial open pit mine in the middle of our communities shows us that the groundwater flow that supply the water to our homes, businesses, and families is going to change, with unknown impact to water quantity and quality, but they make the assertion that to them this is considered to “not affect” our water. My vote is on the Citizens of this Community figuring out what’s really going on here. The proposed Quarry will affect our Community’s water, not just the Carlisle municipal wells being debated in these ads, but many of the wells in the surrounding area. That is a fact."


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