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Original Documents from Lowndes Holding Corp.

Lowndes Holdings Corp., an Ontario company, owned and controlled by David Lowndes, has assembled 380+ acres of land near the northeast boundary of Hamilton, in the former Township of East Flamborough. The proponent has stated that drilling on the property, which was acquired in 2003 and comprises Lots 2, 3, and Part of Lot 1 on Concession 11 East, indicates that a large body of amabel dolostone underlays the property.

The proponent would like to develop the property for a limestone quarry. Lowndes Holdings Corp. documentation indicates a Category 2, Class A quarry operation which would extract aggregate material from below the established groundwater table.
An application for Official Plan and Zoning Amendments was filed with the City of Hamilton on September 20,2004. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has not received an application for licence under the Aggregates Resources Act (as of November 28, 2005).

Little information is publicly available about the proponent, David Lowndes.  Read the Meet the Proponent section to learn what he has shared with FORCE, so far, about himself and his intentions with respect to the proposed aggregate development.

Lowndes Holdings Corp. contact information is:

Lowndes Holdings Corp.
Box 241
Carlisle, ON
L0R 1H0

Carriage House
515 11th Concession Road East

Meet the Proponent - David Lowndes

David Lowndes - Hamilton Spectator - August 3, 2004

Photo: David Lowndes
City Update Meeting - April 6, 2006

The material provided below are excerpts - questions and the full answers given - from a series of e-mail exchanges between FORCE Steering Committee members and the Proponent. Questions were submitted October 21st and 28th , 2004 following attendance at the Carriage House information session on October 14, 2004. Responses were received October 28th and November 1st.

Who are the principals of Lowndes Holdings Corp.?

David Lowndes and Robert Lowndes are principals of Lowndes Holdings Corp.

How is Lowndes Holdings Corp./the quarry operation being financed?

As a privately held corporation we do not intend to disclose financial information.

Have you ever considered the option of selling or leasing the quarry at some point in the future?

Lowndes Holdings Corps’ intention with this quarry is to be an Aggregate Producer.

Will you be operating the quarry?

Yes. David Lowndes will be CEO and will employ qualified operating staff.

How many years of experience do you have operating a below the water table quarry?

The quarry operations will meet all accepted standards; will employ qualified operating staff; and will be subject to compliance assessment and monitoring.

You have indicated during your meeting with the community held on June 3, 2004 and in your interviews with the media that Flamborough residents in the Carlisle area should trust that Lowndes Holdings Corp will initiate and operate the open mine pit in a safe and professional manner. As sole Director and shareholder of Lowndes Holdings Corp, please advise what experience you possess with respect to limestone quarry operations. In particular, what specific expertise and experience do you possess with respect to the management of such operations?

The quarry operations will meet all accepted standards; will employ qualified operating staff; and will be subject to compliance assessment and monitoring. I will not be providing personal information about myself. Curriculum vitae for our consultants are included in each of their reports, as is customary during the approvals process.

In the event that your management experience in the specific field of limestone open mine pits is not significant (i.e. 5 years or less), please describe your experience with respect to the management of other similar industrial enterprises.

See above.

Lowndes Holdings Corp. Proposed Quarry Application

Below are links to the entire Lowndes Holdings Corp. Proposed Quarry Application. The application was scanned and formatted as PDF files (Please note: The files will be large so you will need a fast internet connection to make retrieving them possible.).

> May 2006 Economic Report - Clayton Research

Economic Benefits of the Proposed Mountsberg Quarry (179 KB)

February 2006 Report and Maps - Stantec Consulting Limited

EIS and Level 2 Natural Environments Report (2.2 MB)
Location of Subject Lands (2 MB)
Watershed Boundaries (3.6 MB)
Designated Natural Features (3.7 MB)
Vegetation Communities (1.9 MB)
Wildlife Survey Locations (1.9 MB)
Aquatic Survey Locations (2.2 MB)
Wetlands and Seeps (2.3 MB)
Aquatic Habitat Classification (2.2 MB)
Significant Woodlands (5.5 MB)
Recommended Development Limit and Entrance Road (1.9 MB)

June 2005 Reports - Gartner Lee Limited:

Volume 1 - Hydrogeological Level 2 Report (9 MB)
Volume 2 - Ground Water Flow Model (16 MB)
Volume 3 - Appendices (29 MB)

March 2005 - Stantec Consulting Inc.:

Proposed Dolostone Quarry, City of Hamilton Environmental Impact Statement Terms of Reference (Draft) (3.4 MB)

September 2004 - City of Hamilton Application for an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Change:

Main Document:
Proposed Dolstone Quarry Planning Report (20.18 MB)

Secondary Documents:
Application for Planning Amendment (2.38 MB)
Previous Use Data (7.88 MB)
Stovel and Associates Inc. - Agricultural Report (5.9 MB)
John Emery Geotechnical Engineering Ltd. - Investigation Report (3.62 MB)
Meteorological Service of Canada - Water Budget (291 KB)
Stantec Consulting Ltd. - Preliminary Level 2 Natural Environment Report (7.08 MB)
Gartner Lee Ltd. - Preliminary Hydrogeological Assessment (7.8 MB)
Archaeoligix Inc. - Archaeological Assessment (Stages 1,2, & 3) (6.07 MB)
Aerocoustic Engineering Ltd. - Preliminary Noise Control Study (5.84 MB)
Stantec Consulting Ltd. - Preliminary Traffic Impact Study (2.2 MB)
R.J. Long CV & S.E. Yundt Resume (197.1 KB)

Site Plan Drawings:
Cover Page (1.2 MB)
Site Invirons (1.2 MB)
Existing Features (1.1 MB)
Operational Plan (1.2 MB)
Staging & Progressive Rehabilitation (1.9 MB)
Rehabilitation Plan (633 KB)
Sequential Noise Control (821.8 KB)
Alternative Haul Route - Supplementary Drawing (1.2 MB)

City of Hamilton:

Posting of the Application by the City of Hamilton including a Location Map, City of Hamilton Reports, Main Documents and Secondary Documents

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