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Community Case

To those of us who live in this Community our case is obvious. This proposed industrial operation, a below the established water table industrial open pit mine, is an incompatible land use with the existing rural residents and agricultural operations. That is why this issue causes such an emotional reaction in many of us. The prospect of this industrial development moving into the midst of our Communities is so absurd that you can often find yourself wanting to either laugh, cry, or scream.

The incompatibility comes in many forms. Consider Water and the broad subject of Hydrogeology: understanding that our existing wells will be negatively affected by digging a several hundred acre large hole, 40 meters in depth and well below the existing water table level, is common sense. Consider Ecology: as residents of this area, we know how unique the natural features are. We see the wide range of plant and animal life in the area every day, it is common sense to understand that cutting down the forest core and excavating hundreds of acres of land will destroy that ecosystem. Consider Transportation: as travellers on the area's narrow winding roads, we all know how dangerous it is when we meet one of the infrequent trucks that travel through the area. It is obvious to us that having 1,140 truck movements a day on those narrow country roads will be unsafe. These and other common sense issues make up the foundation for our case.

To be effective though, we needed to get experts to quantify the facts and express them in terms of the regulations that govern these areas. We have done just that. With the assistance of these experts we have taken what we know as common sense or personal experience and connected those everyday facts with the various rules and regulations in order to make our case within the appropriate legislative and regulatory frameworks. These subject area experts have provided independent validation for our concerns.

In the following pages you will see an outline of our case including the various submissions that have been made to the decision makers in the areas of Hydrogeology, Ecology & Natural Features,index.php">Community Issues. We have also provided a Summary Document (246 KB) which contains a compilation of the Executive Summaries of FORCE reports submitted to the City of Hamilton and the Combined Aggregate Review Team. These areas will be supplemented with others as the battles move forward. We invite you to review the information presented there.

We are ready for the fight. This is about a business venture for St Marys Cement (CBM) - formerly Lowndes Holdings Corp., a way to make a profit. For us this is about our families, our children, and our way of life. In many ways, they may have underestimated the calibre of our people and the commitment we have made to protect our homes, farms, and families.

In May 2004, we were a collection of citizens outraged by the prospect of a large scale limestone quarry ruining our rural way of life. Today we are a community of concerned, and much better informed, citizens who are effectively leading a campaign against an aggregates developer who appears to be both persistent and determined. We promised that our anger would turn to resolve, and our resolve into action, and that’s exactly what we have done. We have our case, and it is strong.

If you haven't already done, so we invite you to join the hundreds of people from Campbellville, Kilbride, Mountsberg, Carlisle and the surrounding areas that have banded together to stop this proposed quarry. Success in this struggle can be achieved through vigorous and dedicated community activism, in combination with professional legal and technical expertise. Be a part of that fight!


Together We Will Succeed!