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Past Events

Community packs Lawson Park Recreation Hall

Once again we packed Lawson Park Recreation Hall with more than 200 citizens for our Annual General Meeting. We were delighted to have a group of elementary students join us. Our issue has become a class project for these budding environmentalists. They understand that they would be grandparents, or perhaps great grandparents, before they would ever see the lake that St Marys CBM has promised as the endpoint of their proposed quarrying operation.

At this third AGM, it was clear that our communities are still focused on the goal, and that we will not be deterred by the process, nor by the pace. The process which is formal and rigorous, offers our communities the opportunity to respond in a professional manner, and we have chosen to do so. We are encouraged that our technical experts have indeed set the bar by which this application is being examined. The pace, which is controlled by St Marys CBM is glacial at best. Our communities have chosen to not be discouraged by that behaviour.

Staying the course and sticking to the task is the way we will defeat this application. The material presented during the meeting is available here for those of you who were unable to join us. You can also read about the event in the Flamborough Review and Milton Canadian Champion.

FORCE Presentation (1.71 MB)

Flamborough Review - May 17, 2007 - Quarry opponents raise dust at annual meeting (181 KB)

Milton Canadian Champion - May 18, 2007 - Quarry Opposition Holds Strong as Crowd Packs Hall (149 KB)

Together, We Will Succeed!

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Together We Will Succeed!