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2006 Annual Report

Message from Chair - Environmental Defence - The Proponent - The Application - The Case - Natural Environment - Transportation - Community - Hydrogeology - Financials - Public Activity Report - References - Volunteer Committee


  1. Ministry of Mines and Energy. 2002 Mineral Summary. Brazil: National Department of Mineral Production, 2002. [http://www.dnpm.gov.br/enportal/assets/galeriadocumento/SumarioMineral2002en/Cimento.doc]
  2. Axon, Brenda. "Letter to the Permit to Take Water Coordinator on behalf of Conservation Halton." 30 November 2006 [http://www.stopthequarry.ca/documents/Conservation%20Halton%20St%20Marys%20GRS%20Comments.pdf]
  3. Tegler, Brent. "Letter to Graham Flint Re: ST MARYS CEMENT PTTW Proposed Mountsberg Quarry." 21 November 2006 [http://www.stopthequarry.ca/documents/North-South%20comments%20on%20St%20Marys%20PTTW.pdf]
  4. Gourlay, Karen. "Letter to Richard Olsen, President, St. Mary's CBM on behalf of the Balaclava School Council." 19 January 2007 [http://www.stopthequarry.ca/documents/Balaclava%20st%20marys%20PTTW%20school%20council%20letter%20wd.pdf]
  5. Raven, Kenneth G. Hydrogeologic Review Report - Proposed Lowndes Dolostone Quarry East Flamborough, city of Hamilton. Ottawa: Interra Engineering Ltd., 2005.
  6. [http://www.stopthequarry.ca/documents/Raven%20Report%2003%2030%2005%20Final.pdf]
  7. Ministry of the Environment. "Clean Water Act, 2006." 19 October 2006. Government of Ontario. 23 February 2007 [http://www.search.e-laws.gov.on.ca/en/isysquery/992de007-c08c-4284-9dbd-9ad594a4fd00/1/frame/?search=browseSource&context=]
  8. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. "Greenbelt Plan 2005." 16 December 2004. Government of Ontario. 24 February, 2007 [http://www.stopthequarry.ca/documents/greenbelt-plan-2005.pdf]
  9. Ministry of the Environment. News Release, LEGISLATURE PASSES CLEAN WATER ACT October 18, 2006 [http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/news/2006/101801.htm]


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